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Virtual Girlfriend

There are seas between us physically, but virtually it's just us.

So far I have accomplished many activities through Virtual Dates outside of what is expected.

I have been taught how to cook virtually. I have hosted domination group sessions virtually.

Introducing virtual video session has been wonderful for role play.

Or you can tell me about your day.

And the convenient part is that I'm just in your pocket so you can speak to me whenever you catch yourself alone.

Virtual dates can take place worldwide. 

See me on your video screen:

£100 30 mins

£150 per hour

 FaceTime, WhatsApp Video, or Zoom. 


Call me on the telephone:

15min - £50

30min - £80

1hr - £100


WhatsApp voice notes are fun too. It means you can listen and reply in your own time. £100 per day.

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