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Can I book you foa Fly Me To You trip abroad?

Yes, I'd love to join you for a fly me to you date. I'm passport ready, and already well versed in airport ettiequte. I already speak a little French, and a little Spanish which I deserve to improve given the opportunity, and would love to learn more languages and there are lots of countries I'd love to visit. I know you can already tell I'm enthusiastic about this but I can't reiterate enough how much I love travelling.

Do you offer duos?

Yes I offer duos, trios and moresomes with other companions. You are welcome to invite a friend from my friends page​ or introduce me to a new companion. Either way, the best way is contact them yourself regarding the booking. 

Do you see couples?

Yes I enjoy entertaining couples as a third addition to your relationship dynamic.

How do I make a booking?

So my 'Date Me' page in the menu includes all of the information you need to make a booking with me. My phone number is +44 7752 775 464 / 07752 775 464 and my email address is so you can get directly in touch with me with any enquiries, and make a direct booking from there. 

 Where do you host incalls?

I host incalls in luxury hotels and serviced apartments as central as I can find, and as close to convenient transport connections as possible.

My top priority is always comfort, privacy and discretion for when we meet. And I try my best to make sure all of my incalls are hosted in step free, accessible and spacious environments as I wish to include diverse bodies as my clientele.  

I offer sessions in dungeons, too for bespoke kink session.

Can I bring you a gift?

Of course you can, thank you so much! Gifts are always welcome alongside my commission though not an obligation you will ensure to make me very happy.

Please visit my gifts page, or my wish list.

I'd like a dinner date, where shall I book?

I'm comfortable in a vibrant, local family ran restaurant, brasseries and loud pubs, and dim lit fine dining establishments with infinite courses and wine pairing. I have no dietary requirements and will try any and everything. I am more than happy to make recommendations but we can go by your preferences.

Who do you see?

I expect you to be 21+ years old, respectful and hygienic, at the very least. It is a bonus if you are extremely kind and generous. I do not discriminate against anybody for their ethnicity such as Black, Asian, Arab nor political opinion. I also see disabled clients and accept bookings made by guardians and carers. I'd say the majority of my clients are gentlemen, but some are gorgeous women and a few awesome trans people are my clients, too. Nor do I judge based on your income or status. The people who turn me on the most have big hearts, and I'm not afraid to say some of my best clients book shorter, monthly or annual bookings. We have just as much as an important connection as clients I spend weekly bookings, or holidays with. Thats why I love being a companion because I get to meet people from all different places, doing different things, and it makes me appreciate the world.

I don't want to make a booking but I'm an admirer of yours, how else can I admire you?

So long as you have WiFi whilst stuck on your desert island we can virtually date over FaceTime/Zoom, Whatsapp or phone calls.

You don't need to meet me to send me gifts, giftcards and bank transfers.

Do you offer financial domination?

Yes you shall to send bank transfers, crypto or cashapp and our sessions will be over Whatsapp.

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