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Move a little closer.


90 minutes £500

2 hours £600

3 hours £900

4 hours £1200 

(Don't want to leave? Extending hours then on are £250 per hour)


4 hour lunch or dinner date £1000

8 - 10 hour day date £1500

12 - 14 hour overnight £2,000 

(Extending hours then on are £200 per hour)


24 hours £3000

48 hours £4000

(Additional days £1000)

14 days £10,000

(Lets stretch our time a little further with additional weeks £5000)

Sweetness, I require 6 hours of beauty sleep and short breaks for self admin on overnights, or trips. We can cuddle during naps and rest together. 


Email me with an introduction or contact me via phone call, text or Whatsapp.

+44 7752 775 464

Date ideas

Lunch or dinner, Michelin star or food market

Tasting menu

Visit to gallery or museum

Wine tasting or cheese tasting

Tapas or sharing small plates

Dessert or coffee

Theatre, ballet, cinema or film screening

Shopping trip

Pub and bar crawl

Sailing at sea or taking a boat canal tour

Skiing or cabin hot drinks and blankets
Sport events: football, rugby, hockey

Motorbike or car race
Live music, opera, concert, gig

Spa day with couples massage

Picnic in park or on beach

Golf trip



Deposits may be required preferably by Giftcard and donations are required to be in GBP, EUR cash or bank transfer, or crypto.


Destinations I'm yet to visit:

Florence, Rome and Milan in Italy, Copenhagen in Denmark, Madrid in Spain, Seoul in South Korea, Tokyo and Kyoto in Japan, Laos, Hanoi in Vietnam, Hong Kong, Beijing in China, Bangkok, Singapore, Thailand and Cambodia. Malta. Maldives. Croatia. Prague in Czech Republic. Vienna and Geneva in Austria. Brussels in Belgium. Galway and Donegal in Ireland. Sydney in Australia. Lake Bled in Slovenia. Himalaya's in Pakistan. Goa and Agra City in India. Bhaktapur in Nepal. Costa Rica, Cuba, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. Dubai and Abu Dhabi in United Arab Emirates.

Destinations I'd love to visit again:

In Scandinavia I have been to Sweden, Stockholm, Norway, Oslo and Stavagner, Finland, Helsinki and Tampere. Russia, St Petersburg, Turkey Istanbul, and Antalya. Portugal, Porto, Lisbon and Sintra. France, Paris, Cannes, Cote d'Azur, Marseille, Providence, Normandy, Bordeaux, Brittany. Spain, Barcelona, Marbella, Valencia and Alicante. Tenerife. Morocco, Marrakesh. Hungary, Budapest. Ireland and Northern Ireland, Dublin, Cork, Belfast, Portrush. Greece, Athens.

Where is your imagination taking us?


Gastronomical first dates are the best way for us to get to know each other, sat across or next to each other. I love casual, romantic family run spots which have stood the test of time, viral vouched for street food stands, and meals in the pub these days aren't half bad either considering the rising popularity in gastropubs - I recently had paella and a martini in a pub in North London. Though the very best modern, fine dining experiences are my favourite because I just love being served dish after dish of rich, tasty, seasonal food and having someone to share that experience with. Because tasting menus are about learning and trying new things, and a wine pairing too can teach us so much there is to know about wine. I love predicting places that will get a Michelin star in the near future and silently cheering in victory when they do.

That being said I do also have attire for black tie events should you require formal, sophisticated companionship where I am quiet and calm.

Travel companionship can be for either leisure or business and I can accompany you on either an intimate, romantic holiday together lounging by the poolside or professional, sensible companionship for business trips where I am left to my own devices and to stay hidden in plain sight.

My interests are vast and I love hearing people talk about the things they are passionate about. I am trained to listen in promised confidentially so your ideas, and secrets are safe with me. Feel free to be as philosophical as you please as I will only encourage deep thinkers to be confident in opinions, or feel free to be silly and goof around as I believe we can do, be and say as we wish as long as we aren't hurting anybody... well, kind of, if you know what I mean. 

I am elegant, I bathe in oils and milks, love all things cosmetic and fashion, I take pride in my appearance which I would say is feminine, and youthful which is also my personality; vibrant with a bit of cheek. You being the perfect gentleman I expect you to be just as polite and respectful as I so that we can build a beautiful, lasting connection.

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