The Girlfriend Experience,

I am almost always the perfect girlfriend, so it comes with no need for request or reminder. I'm accurate beyond belief of what your ideals in a girlfriend are.

I look cute even when my hair is in a bun, booty short's on and I'm getting ready for bed; and you gaze across the room and make remarks that make me giggle. I am your perfection, a fusion of your fantasies; the girl next door who changes next to the window facing yours, she’s sweet, the perfect valentine who has memorised the map of your body in every detail, she’s caring, the femme-fatale who tempts you, teases you, a devious sidekick.

I am more than a shiny object that has caught your eye, we will share tender moments whilst we osculate, enlighten each other with showering affection. Kisses, massages, eye to eye, stroking each other whilst we fall asleep.

I will stimulate you; intellectually as well as in physical ways, in ways you didn't know you could be stimulated. You'll feel warm as soon as you meet me, my laid back approach to everything in life can make the most anxious person feel at east but I'll always be honest with you; I get nervous too as a companion, especially when I travel for fly me to you bookings, excitement of meeting new people and creating new memories is the thrilling reason why I'm here, its only natural to feel butterflies in our stomachs which calm down after gentle kisses.

Leave your stress at the door; I am your treat, delve in, let me show you a side of life you know you deserve. You'll be welcomed to visit me at a central London apartment, or 4 or 5 star hotel .where we can corner off into our own little nirvana.