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Billie The Blogger - Introduction to my blog

So I guess I should start by saying, welcome to my blog? Although I can't think of a more interesting introduction, despite living the wildest lifestyle, I've suddenly gone writing-shy.

So, Billie, why blogging?

I noticed last year that my ways of archiving and documenting what I do have been restricted to Twitter, which gets lost in the tweet-abyss and you're also restricted to a tiny word count, and those of you will know me I am not keen on restrictions on chatting, why be online?

I've had regular clients who've said they love how my personality comes across on my Twitter @billiebrookes_ and I've been so pleased to hear, as I've tried my hardest to ensure my personality, humour and opinions get across!

Bare in mind - this blog will be informal. It'll likely be what comes into my head first that I'll type out. I'm not going to follow a 'how to write' guide or anything like that, I'm going to just write as I feel, and hope that the authenticity translates on the screen well! A bit like a public diary.

I'll write about topics from recent dinners, events, duos, photoshoots, travel bookings, gifts, funny stories, reviews on new toys, my opinions on life stuff, advice on sex and relationships with companions. Just thought I'd say before some of you get your hopes up (and erections) over the thought of me blogging erotica. I'd be too embarassed to ever try!!