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Welcome to my blog about everything. 💕

Good morning/good afternoon/good evening.

Lets hope you're wide awake with piqued curiosity which I'm sure has led you to your presence on my website.

Now that you've found yourself here; how much does it hurt that I'm so close, but yet so far?

If you're keen to organise a first date with me you can contact me.

Let me know what dates and times you have in mind, how long you'd like to see me for and where you would like us to meet, or where you would like us to go.

In my new blog on my website I'll be covering all things from kink to colourful wholesome moments, hotel hacks, or maybe even just a song I like and want to creatively express, share and educate through writing.

This week I've updated my Website, started a Wishtender and created a Linktree of useful links that include my social media pages for Instagram and Twitter. Which is all part of a New Year resolution to become more productive and focused. What were your New Year resolutions? I hope one month into the year you're sticking to them.

Best wishes,

Billie Brookes

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