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Covid update! Bookings + instructions❤️


As fun as the summer has been, I am extremely excited to be entering Autumn. I love being given an excuse to wear stockings under my dress, and boots, and of course latex and leather skirts.

This summer I've barely even been able to keep my clothes on, as its been so so hot!

I was able to spend some time away from the city where I did a big social media break, and even turned off my phone for a very long time, which gave me the break I needed.

Please do not come to see me if:

- You have travelled within the past 2 weeks and are being told to self isolate

- You have symptoms of coronavirus

Please use your common sense here and respect that coronavirus can badly effect my health, and will put me out of work, and that I'm at risk of passing it on to vulnerable people. Please be kind and considerate of this.


At least 24 hours notice.

Please travel wearing a mask.

As usual, shower upon arrival, but I will also provide sanitiser.


At least 24 hours notice.

2 hours minimum.

Please ensure your home, or where you are hosting, has been cleaned before I arrive.


Restaurants have been doing an amazing job at ensuring social distancing between customers. This has made me confident that it is safe for us to dine out and I am happy to do dinner dates.


Resuming from now on - with the instructions above applying.

I hope this means we can now have a lot more fun, and slowly go back to normal.

Billie x

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