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Post/mid-lockdown Update 🖤


I hope you are all well, safe and healthy.

If not then I wish you the best in your recovery.

I have been fortunate enough to quarantine and distance for the majority of lockdown and also focus on myself, cooking lovely meals, trying out new recipes, going on adventures like hiking and visiting empty parks and gardens. For the sake of my clients I have avoided contact that is closer than 1 meter.

I believe we are at a point now where our healthcare workers are doing such amazing work they've kept us safe and up to date and given us the best advice. Though we do still need to be careful where we can.

Please do not come to see me until further notice IF:

You have symptoms of coronavirus, you work in close proximity with other people who have coronavirus (doctor, nurse, and so on), and I would encourage if you are at risk of the virus badly effecting you please consider us having a virtual date instead.

That being said! All of my favorite restaurants are now open, and the hotels are opening up too, soon.

I have a convenient in-call space that we can use for the time being, and the options of outcalls too.

I am helping reduce the risk by keeping 1-2 weeks between seeing each of you, and ensuring that I stay quarantined in between our meets. I hope you can appreciate that this means sacrificing other activities to prioritise my time with you.

I am strict on using masks in public, sanitising and washing hands with anti-bacterial soap, these will be provided for you though you should have your own mask whilst travelling to me.

You are welcome to email me on to get in touch for a booking, and you are also welcome to preserve dates for the future.

I look forward to seeing you,

Billie xx

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