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Covid-19 healing & companionship 🌹 (and my birthday)

Hello to my darling clients,

I hope you have all been well, behaving yourselves and keeping yourselves and your families healthy.

I am very sad that we have had to cancel all of our plans due to this pandemic, though we are doing the right thing by doing this we are saving lives.

I have spent this time watching old movies, working out, trying new food, and I even fitted at one point fitted own car battery into my car after checking my own engine - if you're not impressed then you should be!

I will be moving in-call space during Covid-19 because of some complications, so although I am lucky to have been able to afford this with savings, help and pre-paid bookings, I will be taking on a few clients but keeping as safe as possible.

In person bookings: I will be able to take ONE booking every TWO weeks, this is to ensure we minimise our contact, and this way I am minimising my contact between clients to ensure that I am not passing any potential viruses just incase.

5th May - 15th May I have incall availability.

After the 17th of May I will re-assess the situation depending on government advice, I may decide to self isolate again, or I may decide to start taking more bookings again.

I have a safety plan and have spoken to friends working in the medical field on the best way to interact at this time, so I ask that you only see me if you have been self-isolating yourself, don't show any symptoms, and travel to me either alone in your car or if using public transport, stay 2 meters apart from the public and use a mask/gloves or cover your mouth with a scarf or piece of fabric. Just to be sure!

Personalised Content:

I don't mind us doing virtual dates so I can hear your voice and/or see your face too.

If anything this lockdown has taught me that playing on facetime/camera and performing over video is quite fun and especially good for role play.

Right now I am not considering opening a content platform due to wanting to firstly try virtual dates, video chats and other forms of content like photo's and video's. Lets get creative with this! Perhaps you could order me some paper for my Polaroid...


It is soon my birthday, it is towards the end of May on the 30th. If you would like to send me gifts or a tip that can be arranged and I'll be accepting the usual Amazon/Asos/Net-A-Porter giftcards with much appreciation.

I will keep this update as short as this as I haven't much else to say,

Lots of love from your bored, isolated but optimistic companion,

Billie. x

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