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Duo, with Harriet Harlow...

Hello, and welcome to the next decade...

Just before Christmas, Harriet Harlow and I were contacted by a lovely client of hers asking for us to have a duo with him. Unfortunately, he had to cancel, though we do hope to see him soon, but we got very lucky as another client decided he would like to see the two of us.

And I know you're thinking, Billie does duos all the time, why is she writing about this one? Why isn't she writing about the tons of duo's she's had with Annabelle Evans? Or the first duo she ever had with Poppy Fox where they tied the poor fella up in tinsel? Or when Carla James introduced her to the wonderful world of role play?

These girls all do deserve a blog appreciation post too, for sure, no doubt about it, however I'm too busy living my best life and so are they. Hoping that we will be brought back together by another lucky gentleman. (You perhaps?)

The reason this duo was so special and the reason I have chosen to share this special experience with you all was because Harriet had never been with a woman before. So therefore, not only was this her first duo, but this was her first lesbian sexual experience and her first threesome.

The two of us met in a hotel lobby on our way to meet the client in his room, I walked in bewildered as it was a huge lobby full of people doing normal business conference things and I'm a little caught off guard in big crowds. Harriet quickly spotted me (likely because she's a gorgeously tall girl and therefore could see me before I could see her) and she caught my attention with a big, welcoming hug and kiss on the cheek. I remember the delicate smell of her perfume as I gave her a kiss back, and it made me blush. I then knew what I was in for.

Upon meeting our client we all instantly clicked, we spoke and laughed about all sorts whilst sharing stories and also sharing a bottle of champagne. Before we knew it we were showing off our lingerie, beginning to kiss each other delicately, undressing each other and all intertwined. Being with a woman came naturally to Harriet. Her curiosities showed through enthusiasm and excitement, and for me I was in euphoria.

Harriet below has wrote a lovely summary of our meet and put it into words a lot nicer than I could, so I would like to pass the pen over, bit firstly say Thank you Harriet. Thank you to all my duo partners. And thank you to all my clients who book duos.

Here is what Harriet wrote on her own blog about our meet:

"I suppose I have always known I was Bi-curious. From the fantasies I had as a teenager about select girls I knew, or ones I saw in clubs, to the porn I consume - it was clear that I wasn’t 100% heterosexual. However, I am so confident in my interactions with men, that attempting to approach women - who we can all agree do not respond to the same seduction techniques as men - terrified me.

Prior to my Duo, the furthest I had gone with a woman was a drunken snog and fondle in a bathroom stall with a best friend a few years ago. I’m hardly a womaniser! But upon confiding on Twitter that I was a newbie to lesbian sex, a client suggested we make our date of two, a date of three - and so I invited the gorgeous Billie Brookes.

We met ahead of the date in a busy hotel lobby, and the way Billie tells it, she was lost and I found her because of my height. But truly, she was easy to see: luscious blonde hair with pillowy pink lips, curves that could kill, and a distinctively sexy walk. She stood out from the crowd. Upon meeting our date for the night, we opened a bottle of Dom Perignon and talked. Billie instantly put my nerves at ease, mainly because the chemistry just took over.

Ahead of the booking, I was scared I wouldn’t know how to pleasure a woman, but I think it’s safe to say that like with any form of sex, instinct takes over and your intuition plays a part in telling you what is enjoyable or not. Reading a woman’s body is much like poetry, you need to watch for the subtle signs to see what is working - and this is important for you men. If her eyes are closed, lips parted, and she looks relaxed - chances are she is enjoying the sensation. Whispers, squeals of delight, moans, they should slowly increase to a crescendo , perhaps her toes may curl, or she may clutch at the bed sheets. We can be quite dramatic in showing our orgasms.

Billie herself was a pro, and that is exactly why I chose her to Duo with. She guided me with ease and confidence throughout the whole date, and she certainly knew her way around a woman’s body!

An unexpectedly sexy part of the booking was realising how much I also enjoyed watching - seeing two people interacting while I am there, a part of the action but just taking a little moment, was incredibly hot too.

I left the booking no longer bi-curious but firmly a converted bisexual, and with half a dozen more duo dates in the diary for the next month - I look forward to becoming just as good with women as I am with men."

Here we are afterwards sharing some affection on the hotel balcony afterwards, topless of course:

Here we are afterwards topless on the hotel balcony

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