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My taste, my body, my style; gifts.

Hello all,

This blog is specifically so that I can write about myself, my taste and my style.

(Me, Me, Me. I promise me blogging won't become a habit of self-obsessed love notes to myself).

I never have any expectations of gifts and treats, however, I do notice that clients pay attention to what I say I like and I should give some clearer examples.

And for a while that has meant I've ended up with 5 bottles of Hermes Kelly Cache Perfume! I'm not complaining though, I'm glad I've got a supply for the next 5-10 years and as it is being discontinued I'm very lucky. However I think starting now it would be good for me to blog about things I like, which will be resourceful to both clients who like to spoil me, and providers who might want my opinion.

Lingerie - I can never have too many lingerie sets. I am a huge fan of bodies and corsets as they suit my hourglass figure. I love a garter belt more so than a suspender belt. Something robust and structured.

I buy most of my lingerie from Honey Birdette, though I adore Harlow and Fox, Playful Promises, and for my more experimental and dominant side I like House of Harlot.

My favour colours are red and black, though I also enjoy pinks and nude tones too which suit my porcelain complexion. I like hold ups with seams, an underwire in my bra to give my large breasts the support they need, and anything panties wise that shows off my bottom which is one of my best features.

Shoes - I love a sophisticated heel for a date. I often wear my Louboutins with a 100 heel when we're out and about and save my So Kates for rare occasions as they're sexier but with a price: they're impossible to actually walk in.

I think less is more with shoes, nudes or black, classic styles like a court, or a boot, it makes the shoes more versatile when pairing with outfits and is always classic and chic.

My go to for boots is Jennifer Chamandi or other similar styles.

Jewellery - In the past you will have always seen me in my sworn favourite - Gold. However, as I have cool skin tones I have recently learned that I actually much suit silver and white gold a whole lot more than yellow toned metals like gold. My skin is pale, its like soft and milky coloured, so I am aiming to keep my jewellery dainty, white gold & silver for the future. If you are a provider, or buying for a provider, who has deep skin tones then gold is usually what they will suit best.

Tiffany's cute, simple and chic pieces for every occasion, but I must say I do adore Valet for a statement accessory. Speaking of accessories as much as I love a Gucci or Louis Vuitton statement handbag, I am very into Lulu Guinness for the quirky but simple designs, and Paradise London for their arty and chic bags and commitment to being eco-friendly.

Perfume - I'd love more but I simply dont need it, but if you must then please buy me Hermes D'orange Verte as it is a unisex scent I may lend you some for yourself upon opening.

Sweets and foods - Hands down always my favourite will be Charbonnel et Walker chocolates; pink champagne or salted caramel. I'm not the biggest fan of macarons, I'm more of a 'give me the entire cake' kind of girl so if you decide to swing by Patisserie Valerie on your way to me and wish to buy me a cake and coffee think chocolate-y. I do not drink caffeinated drinks so my go-to is a peppermint tea.

Hotel Chocolat are right up on my list with their salted caramel too, but again only if you are passing and wish to share them with me.

Wine is often an interesting thing we can share. I like white wines, champagnes and prosecco's, both dry and sweet. Pol Rodger are my favourite bubbles. But my real vice is a Japanese whisky like Akashi.

My style is always evolving, and perhaps next year I'll be into red wines, stilettos and strawberry maccarons. I recently tried Foie Gras and actually didn't hate it - so maybe you will introduce me to something new and in 2020 I will be saying "I cannot live without this!"

Visit my Net-a-porter wishlist for further inspiration.

I hope this gives you a little guidance when wondering what to gift me, or if you are shopping for yourself I hope I have inspired you!

Please never feel obliged to buy gifts, this is just for those who get pleasure from doing so.

I look forward to unwrapping what you've chosen.

Billie x

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