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  1. the practice of gaining sexual pleasure from watching others when they are naked or engaged in sexual activity.

"Internet sites dedicated to the act of voyeurism".

Voyeurism is a fun topic, and I'm sure that you all would agree! As I'm bisexual and offer duo sessions with other providers I am often meeting people who have voyeuristic fantasies, and they can range from a vanilla* fantasy involved in a girlfriend experience session with a duo partner, or they can be cuckolding, or more BDSM - forced, role play situations for example. There are many ways in which we can explore Voyeurism.

The more vanilla fantasy with girlfriend experience will involve the fantasy of seeing me with another woman, a duo partner for example, and I can name you a couple of girls alike myself who are turned on by putting on a show for you. Teasing you from across the room, whilst we're taking up the bed to ourselves; I first like to start off with massaging and deep French kissing and slowly we will both undress each other and continue to kiss every inch of each others bodies. Perhaps you enjoy watching one woman dominate another? I am a keen switch and I love to dominate women and control their orgasms. On the back hand of that, I love being spanked with more than one pair of hands - so you can slowly join in under instructions. Or perhaps you're assisting me spank another persons soft bottom? I'm sure there are many suggestions you would have, what you'd like to see across the room or more importantly, who you'd like to see me with pressed on your cotton sheets whilst you're gazing over.

But lets not stop there.

Perhaps we could engage in some role play ideas of getting caught? Who are you spying on us? Who are we, who you're spying on? Who would you like to be spying on us? Perhaps we are caught in the act? I'll leave these questions for you to ask yourself and let your imagination run wild so that you can come back to me with ideas.

If you are new to BDSM things can seem very overwhelming and you might not know where to start. I believe voyeuristic role play is a good place to start if you are curious about kink, or its a fun way to spice up vanilla sessions! Let me know your thoughts, role play ideas, and ask me when I'm available to meet.

Like the idea of watching me with someone else, or someone watching us? Go ahead and take a look at my friends page. Or perhaps theres someone you're wanting to introduce me to? Get in touch.

*'Vanilla' sex is anything I call that isn't BSDM. Its because I don't want to call sex 'standard' or 'normal' if its not BDSM because BDSM is ALSO 'normal'. Vanilla often has connotations of boring, but not at all. Sex? Boring? Really? I cannot think of any time I've had sex and its been boring.

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