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I'll be well soon!


I'd like to update you all on my health status, so I have wrote below a little update.

Many of my clients and colleagues have asked if they can send me donations and gifts whilst I am recovering from surgery complications.

Firstly you are very welcome to send me Amazon or Asos giftcards to: - this is the best way to get me gifts as I cannot carry much so physical gifts in the hospital are so lovely but I'd rather order them to my house for when I get home.

I've set up a fundraiser, too. This way it keeps anonymity, and discretion. Click here for fundraiser: Donations towards my recovery

Firstly I just want to say the amount of well wishes and support I've had from clients and colleagues has been so heartwarming.

I, Billie, am currently in hospital. My hot girl summer was cut short.

In July I went into hospital for a routine operation. All was fine until I developed a fever during my recovery, which led me to be rushed back into hospital needing more surgery. The procedure didn't go as planned and I woke up being told the problem was worse than they thought and had to act fast. And now I'm booked in for one more operation over the weekend with an award winning surgeon and then this is all finished and I'll be able to recover with small, barely noticeable scars.

There is a lot of aftercare and therapy involved and I won't go into the finer details that will make most of you squirm, but the therapy I am going through is painful and uncomfortable, and it will continue after more surgery for weeks/months. Other than pain from this, I am feeling very well in myself, I have lots of energy, an appetite and I have not lost (and never will loose) my sense of humour. This is a good sign that I'm onto a quick recovery and will be back to my normal self in no time, though for the time being I am resting, unable to bend down, reach the floor and unable to to move a lot - meaning I am unable to work for a while and will be dipping into my savings to keep myself fed and entertained and whatnot.

This has been a test of strength and bravery, and I'm extremely proud of myself for being calm and thinking positively throughout this process. I've been stronger and braver than I ever could have predicted.

Billie. x

I would also just like to say a special thank you to the client who hired an escort friend of mine, and paid her to deliver me these lovely presents. My skin is glowing!

I look forward to being fully recovered and getting up to mischief in the future with you. x

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