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How to: follow companions on Twitter without 'following' them

Hello lovers & colleagues.

Hope all is well in your debaucherous lives.

I'll keep this blog short as its mainly just some advice I want to give to clients who are keen to see the wonderful world of providers on Twitter.

I've noted that a lot of clients have Twitter, but will log out and manually search us companions Twitter accounts with fearing that they'll out themselves as a client if they 'follow' us. Also in sessions clients have mentioned to me that they don't have twitter accounts and they will manually search for us each tim they want to see what we are up to.

We can all totally understand why, especially after the embarrassment of the Ted Cruz Twitter Scandal.

We can all understand why you'd want to avoid doing something similar for the sake of your jobs, families, friends, dignity and so on.

Well heres a tip you could try.

You don't have to click 'follow' to actually follow us on your account. Twitter has a section called 'Lists' (see image to the left for what I'm talking about).

You can create private lists, which nobody can see other than yourself once you privatise them, and they stay completely separate to your Twitter Feed.

Its incredible! I've discovered this whilst trying to compartmentalise my feed so its sectioned into escorts in their area's, and photographers in their areas/countries (however, this the behind the scenes boring admin us companions have to do so I won't bang on about that for much longer). Providers; you may find that this is worthy knowledge to yourselves too for plenty of reasons - a few more things I do with lists are lingerie designers so I can keep up to date with their releases, news, and SFW accounts so that when I'm on the train or in public I can still get my Twitter fix.

You can also, if you like, create public lists that other people can see and join, so you can create lists of your favorite companions in one city, your favorite cam girls, your favorite models - co-ordinate lists of companions by their hair colour if that would entertain you! You do you!


Bare in mind adding providers in countries where this is criminalised that providers may fear adding to a list is easier to be caught.

Message to regs & collegues: let me know how you get on with this and if you find it helpful.

You're very welcome to share this with whoever may find helpful, I accept thank you's in the form of chocolates and fancy lingerie. Kisses. x

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