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A foodie companion, amongst epicures

Bonjour mes amours,

A great way for an introduction when meeting me (or any escort for that matter!) is us getting to know each other over food. Devoting some time away from our hectic lives to each other, and eating, is a fun way to ease into starting a meeting and building a connection with each other, especially if you are the nervous type, chatty type, a foodie like moi or just generally are seeking companionship during your dining hours.

I am fortunate enough to have been spoilt time and time again to amazing restaurant experiences with my clients, from plenty of michelin star fine dining experiences, to hidden city gems. I'm often frequenting places like Park Chinois, La Bodega Negra and Sketch in the City of London, but I am always up for trying new foods, and new places too. In fact one of my favorite cuisines is Georgian food, London has very few Georgian food experiences but I know some good spots in St Petersburg, Russia but thats a conversation (or blog perhaps) for another time.

One experience that I do offer and recommend is letting me cook for you. Wether its an introduction and you'd allow me to cook as a gesture, or if we are celebrating an event and it'd be a treat, I am always happy to spend a little time during the week browsing new markets and stores to find ingredients, invent recipes, and find fresh produce that we can enjoy together.

I recently had the lovely experience of cooking breakfast for one of my cherished regular clients. This was to celebrate one year of bookings, to thank him for a year of fun and supporting me, and to also cheers to future fun.

I made mimosas with Pol Roger champagne, pancakes with sugared crispy bacon, vanilla dust and blueberries. I must admit the serviced apartment in the hotel we stayed in wasn't equipt well enough for my liking, and the pancakes were not to up to my standard, though my client assured me my standards were too high and that they were delicious. I felt very appreciated. I also made baked eggs in little Le Creuset cocettes with chorizo, served with fresh sourdough and butter. Over all it was delicious, fun and I thoroughly enjoyed serving food up to a client who I share many fond memories with.

Within the same week I also prepared a lunch for a new client who proposed a lunch date. I'd spent the few days in the run up to these dates shopping around a North London organic farmers market, and family run butchers to gather most of my ingredients. However, most of the sauces and recipes I'd involved that week were inventions of my own adapted from classic recipes, aka I added my own touch. As the apartment I rent has a separate kitchen I didn't want to prepare anything that would mean me spending a lot of time in the kitchen away from the client. So I tried to make sure there were only small intervals where he was sat with a glass of champagne in one hand, with jazz playing reading Japanese Outsider Art and an old book about Vogue on my bookshelf. I did offer to put the telly on but this cultured, old fashioned gentleman was happy to entertain himself by reading and drinking the most of the pink champagne. I served up some bruschetta with smoked salmon and lemon and black pepper cream cheese which went delightfully with the champagne and a little story sharing. I then popped back off into the kitchen to prepare our main of steak, potatoes and vegetables. I was recently tipped on how to make the worlds best steak, which I'd like to maintain a secret and not publicise on my blog! It was shared with my by a farm owner who's well-known for his meats, so I was very keen to try out his method and I'm ecstatic that I did. The steak was tender yet piping hot, served with herby buttery potatoes and some chargrilled veggies that went perfectly with the red wine to go with the main. I did shop for some deserts, too however we were quite full from what we'd had and there were other, much naughtier, I suppose in the context of this blog I could say; spicier, ideas.

What is it about the ritual of eating that brings people closer? I find that intimate moments afterwards are far more intense and I believe something about the stimulation of senses in both activities compliment each other well, can warm up nerves, incite playfulness and we get a sense of warm security. I'd love to cook more in the future, and I'd be delighted to offer some dishes I have in mind including lobster and other shellfish, my secret vegan/veggie Italian stew and experimenting more with desserts like candying fruits, homemade honeycomb... and more.

I must add to this that I also recently was treated to my first ever tasting menu. There were so many courses I can't exactly remember all of them but to the left is short rib with tiny mushrooms, with Brazilian vegetables and other components. This was my favorite part of the menu.

To the right is scallops in a sauce with grape. Served by a lego man as you can see in the photo.

The menu was complimented nicely with several variations of European wines, and the (unpictured) deserts of caramel donuts, lemon tarts and little sweets were divine!

This blog is quite a bit of a read now, and I think if I were to add all of the favorite bite I've had to eat with clients this would be a London Food Guide rather than blog. I'll keep it short (well...) and simple for now, and add future dining experiences that I'd like to share with my readers.

I hope you've had a wonderful weekend full of food and nudity, and if you haven't then get into my inbox for when you're going to let me cook for you.


Billie. x

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