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We both know that you deserve to serve a professional, expert goddesses like me: women of beauty, strength and curves - the kind of woman who lives life to the full, knows her strengths and how to use them to her advantage. You want to please me, worship me and give yourself up completely, all to me, all mine and serving me, who you may address as Goddess or Mistress. And who could blame you for your desire to serve me? With my gorgeous hourglass figure and tiny waist, as well as my perfect, narrow, size 6 feet, all perfect. My curves are not for the faint of heart; they will intimidate you, and fill your mind with fantasies of feeling my weight on top of you. Wrapped in latex, PVC or leather.

 Come and enjoy having the chance to let go of control and give me all the power. I will reward you, and punish you and make sure you show your gratitude; you will feel so lucky to be in my presence. Being dominant comes naturally to me being outspoken and firm in my personality. I enjoy telling you what to do, I will enjoy humiliating you, degrading you, laughing at you and pitying you while you fawn over me and worship my curves and feet.


I love being in a dungeon environments for BDSM sessions because of the access to all the toys, apparatus and furniture; spending time experimenting with pleasure and pain. In a private BDSM, kink-led environment, I will guide you through sensory play and role play, I am a professional at corporeal punishment (spanking, whips, canes) and have used professional restraints, and enjoy tieing you up practicing rope/shibari. 



I enjoy being shamelessly, erotically submissive in the hands of a dominantI'm flexible and being fuller figured means I've got a peachy bottom perfect for spanking, and other impact play on my bottom, mild face slapping, hair pulling and light choking. I enjoy being told what to do and will be ever so grateful to my master. Being restrained and collared turns me on, and can incorporate many role play scenarios being quite the flexible actress keen to memorise lines for your fantasy. I love addressing dominants as sir, daddy - or mommy, goddess and in certain unique cases I will address you as matriarch to make you feel empowered as your obedient good girl. 

Confessions of a switch

I have a praise kink which applies to being either dominant or submissive. I love to be worshipped as a mistress with being kissed, and to be praised as a submissive for being good. I'm a completely promiscuous for compliments and being rewarded. 

I have a high pain threshold for spanking with boundaries we can discuss and if you can push me to my limits with an encouraging, firm voice I'll be in ecstasy.

Rather than traffic light system or safewords I like using 'no' and 'stop'. If you would like me to continue even though you are saying no then we will come up with a safe word for you, but for me personally if I say no or stop I mean that I don't want to continue. 

I really love wearing latex and adding new pieces to my collection, I just think it feels so right to be restricted, and I love how it feels to touch all smooth.

I enjoy parties/orgies, threesomes, duo's and moresomes with couples and other escorts.  

Anything else you want to know please get in touch.

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