For those of you who don’t already know, my name is Billie Brookes.

I was blessed with breathtaking natural curves that are not for the faint hearted: they turn many a head and are meant to be held with a tight grip. My blue eyes tell another story. I'm chic and confident and that is how I convince the rest of the world that I am an ordinary mid 20’s woman. But I am so much more.


As a city-based woman, I aim to live extraordinarily: with confidence and resilience, energy and beauty; self-care rituals by day met with late night martinis. I blossom with growth each day as I aim to be constantly learning, and hold myself with confidence in what I do. I'm drawn to other people who are ambitious and focused, alike myself, as together we can inspire each other and teach each other new things. Take me somewhere I may have never been before, and let's taste new flavours.


London is where I am based, though also raised in Englands countryside. I consider myself lucky to live here, as to be connected with people from all over the world is something you only experience in a city like this. I have a London accent and am well spoken, though consider me more down to earth. I seek balance in my cosmopolitan life by learning new cooking and baking methods, taking deep breaths whilst doing yoga, hiking, swimming, and playing golf, as well as skiing and sailing when I get the opportunity. Some would consider my education impressive, and though I am still studying, my schedule is flexible leaving me the opportunity to better myself in other ways. I am well travelled and cultured; I have previously lived abroad and I do find home is where the heart is. And my heart is full of adventure. Your travel stories and stories of your own culture are welcomed. I’m here to listen and encourage you to enjoy being who you are. 

I am based in London, and I'm regularly in nearby cities like Dublin, Belfast, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Cardiff. Anytime I am not on tour and I often travel all over the UK.

You could catch me in your city,

or get in touch and give me a reason to visit. 

I have visited clients by car, train, boat and flight.

Pick me up by space ship, helicopter, or motorbike and I'll add those to the above list.

Upcoming tours:

All tours will be announced on Twitter: @billiebrookes_

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Being a discreet and professional companion for your travels, dinner dates and the desires you crave is my absolute pleasure. This was once an irresistible fantasy and since making it a reality, I have not looked back. Being a companion means, naturally, I have a warming and caring personality, but I also surprise people with my sense of humour and confidence. I like to entertain and put smiles on faces.

Open minded, not shy. 

Vibrant, but not intense.

Thats enough about me for now. I want to hear about you, and when I’ll have the pleasure of meeting you... so get in touch and introduce yourself.