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Brief encounters

90 minutes  £500

2 hours £700

3 hours £900

4 hours £1100

(Additional hours after are £250 per hour)



12 hours £2,000

14 hours £2,500

(Additional hours after are £200 per hour)


24 hours £3500
48 hours £4500

7 days £10,000

(Additional hours after are £150 per hour)

Bespoke sessions will be priced accordingly; what are typically known as 'extras'.

For dates outside of Londona travel fee on top of my consideration will be required.

Please place the donation in something sealed (e.g. an envelope, an envelope inside a book).


Dinner Date

4 hours social/dining out + intimate time £1000

(Additional hours after are £250)


Your personal chef

4 hours dinner + champagne £1,300

3 hours lunch or light dinner + wine £750

(Additional hours after are £200)

A bespoke service I offer where I cook for you.

I am based in London though I frequently tour the major cities of United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

Fly me to you / transport me to you bookings are very welcome. I love to jet off exploring and meeting new people.

I aim to ensure my services are accessible nationwide and globally, I accept my commission during the booking in cash, cryto or bank transfer.



Be polite. Being rude will cost you in being unable to see me. Please discretely hand me my commission in an envelope or inside a magazine, a letter, a gift box, you can choose. My rates are non-negotiable. I am happy to clarify my rates for you if there is confusion, but I will not accept bookings from new clients who are trying to haggle. This shows you do not respect boundaries and is a red flag that I will not excuse. 


Different countries and different meetings require different screenings, however, be prepared to provide screening and do not argue if I ask for it. Providing me with 2 references from providers you have seen before, a deposit via gift card, bank transfer or crypto, or a copy of ID will be sufficient. 

I will never keep ID beyond our meeting for reasons of discretion. I will never save the images onto my computer.

And gift cards and crypto can be done with discretion. 


Deposits will be 10% and accepted in the form of Amazon, ASOS or Selfridges UK giftcards, bank transfer or crypto.

These are mostly purchasable online, however, those of you worried about discretion are able to buy amazon giftcards in supermarkets with cash and send them over in an email with no trace of online payment.

Fly Me To You bookings will be paid 50% up front, and rest of the 50% upon arrival.

I will return deposits if you cancel with sufficient notice, and I will allow you to reschedule with holding onto the same deposit, though if you cancel and inconvenience me greatly I will expect a cancellation fee as an apology. Treat me fairly.


Discretion is very important to me. I have a great reputation and do not wish to jeopardise it,  I hold my head high. I hide my face in photos for discretion and always pick hotels or apartments that are in mint condition. If you wish I can sign an NDA and will not be offended if you ask, though I hope you can trust my reputation and take my word.


I am more than happy to provide a reference for you if we have met and enjoyed each others company but please ask for my permission first.


I truly love being spoilt rotten. Though I do not expect gifts its guaranteed they will put an extra big smile on my face. Visit mgifts page here.

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